Reason to add Barlocks

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a minute and talk about the purpose of adding a Barlock to your trailer. For the customers that know me, know that I’m also a Detective with the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office. I’ve been in law enforcement for a long time (over 18 years) and I have seen many ways a thief can break into anything to steal something. For the most part, the harder something is to get into, the less likely it is to be broken into. We also know a lock is to keep an honest man honest.

With that being said; if you go with just the normal RV Style flush lock door handle on your trailer, there are two locking mechanisms in the door handle itself. One locks the handle that opens the door and the other is a dead bolt lock. With both locks locked, the door is secured from being opened by someone or while its being pulled down the highway. Now my law enforcement knowledge and experience kicks in and tells me that if anyone wanted to break into the trailer, all they would have to do is pry the door open. I have not tried to pry a door open because I don’t want to tear up a good door or trailer, but I believe it can be pried open with little effort. Any person wanting to break in your trailer, will not care if the door or trailer is damaged in the process.

The Barlock is an option that attaches to the outside of the trailer and folds over the door.  The Barlock covers up the door handle and keeps the door from being pried open. The bar lock is 35” long and has a hasp so you could put a padlock on it to secure it. The barlock is not 100% effective, (which nothing is) but it makes breaking into a trailer a lot more difficult. Like I said earlier, the more difficult something is to break into the less likely someone will try it.

The bar lock is very affordable for the most part at $35. If someone was to break in your trailer you would have more than $35 worth of damage to the door and trailer not including if they would steal something from the inside the trailer.

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