Empire Cargo Trailers

About Empire Cargo Manufacturer

Our mission in Empire Cargo Trailers is to gain the confidence of our customers by offering high quality standards, solutions to their needs, strengthen the confidence of our products and consolidate as a solid company that can transcend from generation to generation. Without neglecting our quality standards that we offer to our customers, and especially that distinguish us from the rest of the competition. At Empire Cargo Trailers, you will find the best quality of concession trailers. We are one of the largest manufacturers of concession trailers and can offer complete unit customization.

Empire Cargo Trailers For Sale

We offer a variety of food truck/concession trailer models, and the options are endless! We have a list of color options for your trailer and different screw options. You can get non-powered roof vents,, powered roof vents, plastic sidewall vents, or aluminum sidewall vents. You can also choose your fenders, ATP, corners, and trim. And that’s just the exterior options! For the interior you can customize the liner, plywood, insulation, covering, tile downs, and shelves/cabinets. If you are looking for the largest variety of concession trailers and/or custom concession trailers then look no further than Empire Cargo Trailers!

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